Able House Welcomes You

If you are looking for a safe and supportive place to live as a member of a sober community, consider Able House. Located in Springfield’s historic McKnight neighborhood, Able House provides a welcoming environment that facilitates and nurtures successful living in recovery by providing a clean and comfortable home for our members to thrive in their sobriety.

Our two residences are spacious and well maintained. Each has eight bedrooms and room for 10 residents. With a large communal kitchen, living room and gathering spaces including a front porch and spacious back yard, our homes are designed so residents can come together as independent individuals in a supportive sober living community.

“As someone who is herself in recovery, I created ABLE House to be a sober living community for men and women who want to better their lives. It’s named for the variety of ABLE’s that people in recovery should aspire to, such as respectABLE, accountABLE, teachABLE, and dependable. I would look forward to welcoming you home.”

Elaine Awand

Founder and Director, Able House

To learn more about Able House,
email or
call Elaine Awand at 413-789-9874.

Able House Approach

Our residences are self-supporting, cooperating communities of men and women guided by a House Manager. While there are some rules and regulations you must follow, such as live sober, be a good neighbor, and pitch in with household chores, the overall environment is warm and welcoming.

Because we want you to be successful in your journey of recovery, you also have access to the full range of MHA services, such as:

  • Recovery Coaching
  • Recovery Support Navigation
  • Counseling
  • Outreach Support

Importantly, as an Able House member you must be an active participant in  sustaining your recovery, including regular attendance at AA or NA meetings. You will be assisted with finding necessary community and employment support to help you become independent and self-sufficient. When you are ready to move beyond Able House, you will have the opportunity to stay engaged, should you wish, to offer support and friendship for new residents.

Able House Amenities

  • Spacious, historic, well-maintained homes in a neighborhood setting.
  • Large communal kitchen.
  • Internet included for residents.
  • Washer and dryer are provided for residents.

Single and double rooms are available to rent.

Able House Convenience

  • Does your life plan include furthering your education? STCC is an easy walk.
  • Would access to transportation help your plans for work? The State Street bus line is close by.
  • Want a walkable neighborhood? You can walk for groceries, restaurants and other services.