Uploaded: August 7th, 2023
MHA’s “You Matter” Award recognizes employees and community members who have significantly impacted those around them and are committed to making a difference in the lives of others.
In partnership with Pioneer Valley Financial Group, we presented Drew Kott with the “You Matter” Award. Since joining MHA in 2022 as an employment specialist for our Division of Recovery and Housing (DRH), Drew has been a significant contributor to the growth and impact of the division by finding employment for over 30 individuals. Drew works with individuals in recovery from substance use with mental health conditions who need support obtaining and maintaining employment.
Christine Palmieri, Senior Vice President, Division of Recovery & Housing, nominated Drew Kott for the You Matter award and said, “For me, Drew’s most important contribution has been helping us to question and challenge what we all believe is possible for people in recovery. Everyone is capable of working. Everyone has something to offer our community. And the profound impact, not of only of increased income, but more importantly, of the shift in identity away from “addict” and “patient” to “employee” or “carpenter” or “salesperson” or “clerk” is, in many cases the catalyst for sustained recovery. Thank you, Drew, for helping all of us and everyone we serve raise the bar in what we know is possible!”
From all of us at MHA, thank you, and congratulations, Drew!