During February, Reusable Bag Sales at Cooley Street Big Y Benefit MHA

You can also purchase a Big Y Cares Bag at any location and follow the instructions on the tag to select MHA as the nonprofit. If you do not select within 7 days it will go to the default nonprofit selected by the store.

MHA First Nonprofit to be Selected as 
Beneficiary of Big Y Community Bag Program

MHA has been selected as a beneficiary of the Big Y Community Bag Program for the month of February. The Big Y Community Bag Program, which launched in January 2019, is a reusable bag program that facilitates community support with the goal to make a difference in the communities where shoppers live and work. The program features the reusable Community Bag with a special tag attached that allows customers to direct a donation upon purchase.

MHA was selected as the February beneficiary of the Community Bag program by store leadership at the Big Y located at 300 Cooley Street in Springfield. MHA will receive a $1 donation every time the reusable Community Bag is purchased at the Cooley Street Big Y during February, unless otherwise directed by the customer through the Giving Tag attached to the bag.

“MHA is thrilled to be the first nonprofit organization that Big Y selected for the Community Bag Program at this location,” said Kimberley A. Lee, VP Resource Development & Branding for MHA. “People who buy a reusable bag or two at the Cooley Street Big Y during February will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing their support is directly helping people who are impacted by mental illness, developmental disabilities, substance abuse and homelessness to lead better lives. These are nicer quality bags than ones you typically find as part of fund raisers, and they’re a convenient way to make shopping a little easier while being more environmentally friendly. We think it’s a win-win-win—and it’s in the bag!”

For more information on the Big Y Community Bag Program, visit bigy.bags4mycause.com.