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When a stroke or accident results in brain injury, a life changes. When a severe illness becomes disabling, a life changes. MHA helps people move forward in their life, in a New Way.

We transition people out of nursing homes and into life and relationships at home in purpose-designed New Way residences. By applying adaptive accommodations and advanced technologies with personal care, MHA fits individual needs and wants.

Acquired brain injury and disabling illness create a new normal. With New Way, growth takes a new direction.

To learn more about MHA’s Acquired Brain Injury program, to volunteer or to make a difference in the lives of those we serve, please contact Sara Kyser, MHA’s VP New Way Division, at or 4137345376.

MHA’s ABI Residences

An Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) can result from an accident or illness, an event such as stroke, a condition such as multiple sclerosis, or other causes. ABI could strike anyone, young or old—your neighbor, your parent or even your child. In each case, a person’s life has been dramatically changed by a brain injury. MHA helps individuals with an ABI to live their best life by offering ABI residences, an innovation in personal care that offers a less expensive and more meaningful community alternative to institutional care in a nursing home.

Community Living

Our residents, while they may require 24/7 care, leave the nursing home setting in order to reside in neighborhood homes in a community setting. Those we care for take part in household activities such as grocery shopping, laundry and house cleaning. They have their hair cut at the local salon, visit family members and attend church. Some go to work or volunteer. They may go to appointments for medical care, physical or occupational therapy, recreational and social outings, and day programs. When necessary, an adaptive van is used for transportation.

Comprehensive Care

Each ABI residence is home to four adults who may have cognitive, mental health and physical challenges as a result of their brain injury. Our professional direct care staff are trained and certified in medication administration, first aid, CPR and other relevant skills. Additional MHA staff, including Clinicians and Registered Nurses, visit the home as needed.

Typical Neighborhood Homes

Inside, MHA’s ABI residences look like a typical family home with universal access. Outside, they look like any other nicely maintained home in the neighborhood. MHA owns the homes and the land, and we are responsible for each site. We own a property management firm, Association Properties Group, Inc., that specializes in home maintenance for nonprofit organizations. Their crews are regularly on site to ensure our homes are clean, bright and welcoming.


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