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Mental Health Services

The Division of Recovery and Housing provides Community Based Flexible Supports (CBFS) services for adults and Caring Together services for youth. MHA operates eight CBFS residences and two Caring Together residences in the Greater Springfield area. Our mental health residential continuum includes specialty programs which address the co-existent diagnoses of mental illness, trauma and substance abuse, as well as the special needs of late teens and young adults. Additionally we offer a team of outreach workers who provide variable levels of support to people living independently or with their families. MHA takes extreme pride in partnering with the Department of Mental Health (DMH), The Department of Children and Families (DCF), the Center for Human Development (CHD), participants and their families to promote and facilitate recovery. Our programs are strengths-based and individualized and reflect collaboration with participants, families and clinicians. More →

Developmental Disabilities Services

MHA began collaborating with the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) as part of the phase out of Belchertown State School. In 1990 MHA obtained HUD financing to open two community residences in Longmeadow – one for men and the other for women. Today, MHA offers a range of supported living and community-based residential models to meet the needs of individuals requiring various levels of support and assistance. We operate 8 community residences and provide supported living services to more than 90 participants living in their own homes.

DDS often seeks services from MHA when a secondary diagnosis is present, such as mental illness or substance abuse. The common goal through our partnership with DDS, participants and their families is to offer and facilitate genuine opportunities for meaningful community engagement. We honor each participant’s personal vision for themselves and work to provide the support, connections and skill-building that best facilitates the pursuit of this vision.  More →

Homeless Services

MHA has been a leader in providing creative and flexible services to address homelessness. MHA was the first agency in Western MA to bring specialized permanent housing resources to homeless individuals through the Shelter Plus Care model. MHA also introduced the highly successful Safe Havens model to the area. MHA has become an integral part of state and local plans to end homelessness by creating a continuum of care – from street outreach to preventive interventions to permanent housing.  More →