MHA is a nonprofit provider of residential and support services based in Springfield, MA. We provide services throughout the Greater Springfield area to people impacted by mental illness, developmental disabilities, substance abuse and homelessness. Our agency’s core values are Respect, Integrity and Compassion.

MHA has 325 full and part-time employees and serves more than 350 participants annually. We operate 21 residential sites as well as extensive outreach and supported living programs. We receive state and federal funding from multiple sources including the MA Department of Mental Health (DMH), MA Department of Developmental Services (DDS), MA Department of Children and Families (DCF), Mass. Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), the MA Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


MHA has a long history of providing quality residential services that reflect the needs of the service recipients while enhancing the image of the people served through education and the promotion of dignity and respect. MHA was founded in 1960 by concerned citizens to provide advocacy for people with mental illness living at Northampton State Hospital. Throughout the deinstitutionalization movement MHA developed a continuum of housing and support options to participants with a wide variety of needs. Our services reflect the belief that everyone deserves quality affordable housing, the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential and the support to pursue their personal vision and meaningfully participate in the life of their community.

In 1977 MHA opened the first group home for women living with mental illness in Springfield, MA. Today MHA operates programs in 20 residential sites, offering a multitude of housing options and support services to encourage the greatest level of independence in the least restrictive setting. Our housing models and services range from 24-hour staffed programs to independent living.

MHA has been extremely successful in obtaining federal grants from HUD to provide quality, affordable, and attractive housing options. The utilization of HUD funding for the physical sites allows MHA to maximize state and local revenues for services and staff support.

Mission Statement

Guided by our core values of respect, integrity and compassion, MHA provides residential and support services that promote independence, community engagement, wellness and recovery for people with disabilities and other vulnerable individuals.


MHA is committed to building an agency of excellence for its participants, staff and community. We strive to be the premier provider of residential and support services, noted for innovation, commitment and dedication. We envision a community where all individuals have the skills and opportunities to achieve their aspirations. Our aim is to create an atmosphere where dignity, respect and equality are commonplace, where all individuals can reach their maximum potential. Through flexibility, continuous self-examination and knowledge of current and effective practices, MHA will remain on the cutting edge of service delivery.

Guiding Principles

In support of our mission and vision, MHA will:

  • Provide flexible, responsive and quality services consistent with changing needs and preferences of individuals
  • Encourage and empower individuals to take responsibility for themselves
  • Recognize and respect ethnic, cultural, linguistic and intellectual diversity
  • Establish training and skill building opportunities that enable individuals to increase their independence
  • Support individuality and respect the uniqueness of each person
  • Utilize effective and efficient management to maximize resources
  • Develop and maintain a well-trained, dedicated, compassionate work force through continuous improvement
  • Enhance public awareness of the valuable roles individuals assume in society through promotion of physical and social integration.