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Recovery with Purpose

Recovery is hard, but there is a way forward. It takes GRIT. MHA designed GRIT to help those who struggle with addiction and a co-occurring mental health diagnosis. We help our residents to live their best life in recovery.

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Key services include:

  • Individualized psychiatric and substance use treatment services
  • Integrated medication therapy for mental health and addiction, including medication assisted treatment (MAT) when appropriate.
  • Access to comprehensive primary healthcare services to address the complex medical needs of individuals who have co-occurring substance use disorder and mental health disorders
  • Daily living skills through activities such as cooking groups and menu planning
  • Wellness through activities such as group exercise and nutrition education
  • Career planning through vocational and educational programming and employment search and intentional engagement with natural and peer supports


GRIT is MHA’s 24/7 residential program for adults who have both a substance use disorder and a moderate-to-severe mental health diagnosis. We provide a safe, homelike environment where residents benefit from supportive, structured and developmentally appropriate teaching and care. GRIT is designed as a short term (nine month) program but can be extended according to individual needs.

A *NEW* center in Holyoke is now Open. See info below.

GRIT’s welcoming and supportive environment promotes recovery. Our residents take part in structured, person-driven counseling and recovery-oriented programming. Some go to school or job training, volunteer in the community or work at paid jobs. Residents’ families are encouraged to visit and participate.

GRIT residences include the comforts of home. They are ideally located in neighborhoods with access to transportation and community resources. Currently GRIT offers three residential programs:

  • Adult Men (Springfield)
  • Men Ages 18+ (Springfield)
  • LGBTQ+ (Holyoke)

GRIT’s treatment team includes experienced, licensed and highly skilled case managers, prescribers, clinicians and recovery staff. Our team works with residents individually to build the framework for long-term recovery and develop aftercare plans for a successful return to the community.


Residents begin their day at 7 AM by preparing and sharing their breakfast together. During the day, residents take part in person-driven learning, such as:

Medication Administration – Residents are taught the necessary skills to self-administer their medication. 

Morning Meeting – Residents outline their plan and goals for each day, review appointments, and address any potential barriers to successful completion of goals. 

Group Teaching Sessions – Topics focus on the acquisition of practical skills, such as searching and applying for jobs, preparing a resume, interviewing, communicating with an employer, managing finances such as creating and following a budget, developing relational and social skills, building emotional management and regulation, and many others. Teaching is provided by clinical staff and recovery coaches. 

Self-Help Support/Individual Learning – Residents attend 12 step meetings in the community, or recovery staff may facilitate meetings in the residence. 

Expressive Group Sessions – Residents are taught how to use expressive arts such as music (playing or listening), art, writing, photography, and others to learn about and communicate the experience of recovering from psychiatric symptoms and substance use. 

1:1 Teaching Sessions – Residents meet with clinical staff to address individual needs, review progress toward recovery goals, and identify and address barriers. 

Group Cooking Session – Hands-on opportunity for learning how to cook healthy meals on a budget and the importance and role of proper nutrition as it relates to mental health, substance use, and overall health and wellness. 

Community House Meeting – All residents and staff meet together weekly to celebrate successes, voice concerns, address issues that affect everyone in the house, and identify new areas for teaching and learning. 

House Chores – Each resident is expected to keep their personal space clean and free from clutter. Program staff teach proper cleaning and sanitation skills, laundry skills, etc., as needed. 

House Activity or Community Outing – On weekends, residents may have opportunities for group recreational or experiential learning activity on site or in the community. 

The day ends at 11 PM after medication administration and self-care activities.


Yes! Families are encouraged to visit and participate. Regular interaction with loved ones can give residents an important extra layer of support during treatment. Engaging family in aftercare planning can enhance learning, increase commitment and reinforce connections that are crucial for long-term recovery.


GRIT program staff includes experienced, licensed and highly-skilled case managers, psychiatrists, clinicians, recovery coaches and other members of our treatment and teaching team. Residents work individually with staff to learn crucial life skills, identify unique case management needs, build the framework for long-term recovery and develop aftercare plans for a successful return to the community.


To reach GRIT directly, call 844-642-9355, Option 1 or email

Our New LGBTQ+ Program in Holyoke is Now Open

GRIT Holyoke Now Accepting Applicants

GRIT Holyoke is one of 26 new Residential-based Rehabilitation Services programs across the state, funded and licensed by the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services, including three programs awarded to MHA. GRIT Holyoke is expected to open in the Spring of 2020.

What are the criteria for enrollment in GRIT Holyoke?

In Holyoke, GRIT is a 16-bed program for adults 18+ who have both a substance use disorder and a moderate-to-severe mental health diagnosis, and who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, and/or gender non-binary (LGBTQ). These residents will benefit from the kind of structure and specialized support that GRIT Holyoke provides to make steady progress with their recovery and their mental health.


Who do I call if I have comments, concerns or compliments?

Please contact Christine Palmieri at 413-233-5326 or


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