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MHA helps individuals who are survivors of an acquired brain injury (ABI) or living with a disabling medical condition such as multiple sclerosis or severe diabetes to live their best life. Through the Resource Center, our caring staff guides and supports our members to reclaim their abilities. Every program and activity we offer creates opportunities for independence.

Creating Opportunities for Independence


With guidance from staff, Resource Center members define their own personal goals and the approaches that support those goals:

  • Regain independence through improved memory and physical mobility
  • Enhance self-reliance through fine motor skills and hand control
  • Meet and engage with peers through Resource Center activities
  • Express feelings and ideas through art, music, writing or crafts
  • Prepare for a return to employment by working on vocational and computer skills
  • Enjoy a better quality of life by engaging with friends, family and the community


The Resource Center adapts programming to help members get what they need and want. Members drive the planning of each week’s calendar, down to the specific classes, support groups, guest speakers, special event nights, outings and volunteer work they are most passionate about. This degree of involvement gives members a feeling of ownership and belonging that enriches their engagement.


The Resource Center helps members overcome barriers through natural, sustainable community supports and life-stage appropriate accommodations in relevant parts of their lives. By designing services and interventions individually, we seek to honor pre-injury lifestyle, culture, family and environment.

Small by Design

The Resource Center is designed to feel like a spacious, modern home. It has a warm, inviting environment that helps members feel safe and supported. Members can attend daily, on certain days, or more casually as interest and availability allow.


  • Accessible Throughout
  • Full Kitchen
  • Games Room
  • Community Room
  • Computer Lab
  • In-House Transportation


All Resource Center members are referred for services, typically by the Department of Developmental Services or the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission. We primarily serve individuals with brain injury as a result of stroke or accident. We also serve those with a waiver who have significant medical needs but not necessarily a brain injury. This could include people with multiple sclerosis or diabetes.

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