What We Do
MHA (Mental Health Association) helps people live their best life. We provide access to therapies for emotional health and wellness; services for substance use recovery, developmental disabilities and acquired brain injury; services for housing and residential programming, and more. With respect, integrity and compassion, MHA provides each individual served through person-driven programming to foster independence, community engagement, wellness and recovery.

Why It Matters
The youth, adults, seniors and families we serve want the same things in life as anyone: to have friends, work, go to school, have meaningful relationships, express themselves (and be heard), and be accepted in their community for who they are. With our help and resources from a caring community, people can live their potential, in their community, every day.

How We Think
Starting in the 1960s, MHA’s groundbreaking efforts and advocacy helped to transition people away from institutional living to a life in our community. This became a model for the deinstitutionalization movement. Today, our leadership continues to advance awareness of mental health conditions and needs at local, regional and national levels. We drive compassionate care for those challenged by mental health, developmental disabilities, substance use, homelessness, acquired brain injury and more.

Respect, Integrity and Compassion.

Update 10.23.23: At this time, we will be holding Transformation Tuesday on the following dates:

  • November 14th, 2023

  • November 28th, 2023

  • December 12th, 2023

From 9am-12pm at 995 Worthington St. Springfield, MA 01109.



Any questions, please call our main office at (413) 734-5376

 Open Your Heart and Your Home to an Adult with Developmental Disabilities


When a stroke or accident results in brain injury, a life changes. When a severe illness becomes disabling, a life changes. MHA helps people move forward in their life, in a New Way.

We transition people out of nursing homes and into life and relationships at home in purpose-designed New Way residences. By applying adaptive accommodations and advanced technologies with personal care, MHA fits individual needs and wants.

Acquired brain injury and disabling illness create a new normal. With New Way, growth takes a new direction.

“Because I have lost so much of my memory, every day I am learning things about myself all over again. I’m not ever going to give up.”


Working from strength-based residential, outreach and shared living models, MHA partners with those we serve to help them lead meaningful and productive lives. For many, MHA is their family—the rock and glue in their life.

Health, safety and emotional wellness are woven into the daily cycles of life. In the community, each individual is supported to lead the life they choose. Some have jobs or volunteer. Others engage in day programs, their church or recreation. Some go to school. Hobbies are plentiful and supported.

MHA’s approach has always emphasized what people want, what they can do and how they feel. It’s their life—we’re just helping them live it well.

“When Mom moved to an MHA residence, I could trust that she was being taken care of, like I would do. I could take a breath…and feel more like a daughter again.”

Make a Difference

Your donation will help MHA provide services throughout the Greater Springfield area to people impacted by mental illness, developmental disabilities, substance abuse and homelessness.

Thank you for your generosity.


Feeling well means something different to everyone. That’s why MHA offers clinical supports and services through our Bestlife Center for Emotional Health and Wellness. Our holistic approach to clinical services means each person we serve receives personalized care as a unique individual. 

Every day, we see the impact on people we care for and care about, and that drives us ever forward. 


Recovery is a journey that spans a lifetime. Overcoming addiction and mental health symptoms requires new learning, hard work and commitment. MHA never hides these facts. Instead, we provide each person who arrives in our programs with structure, individualized support, specialized teaching and an opportunity to build inner strength, resiliency and perseverance to continue their journey.

When natural supports are grown in the community, obstacles are overcome. When treatment includes emotional wellness, the journey can move forward. When life skills are taught and developed, self-sufficiency can be achieved. When connections are nurtured with family—however defined—goals become steps to a plan of personal, positive action.

Recovery is hard, but there is a way forward. It takes GRIT.


640 full and part-time employees
serves 1,500+ participants annually
operates 35+ residential sites


MHA believes that every person—regardless of past history, current challenges, or available resources— deserves a safe, affordable place to call home. We continue to be a leading innovator, creating solutions to end homelessness through preventive interventions, permanent housing and community education.

In Western Mass, MHA was the first provider of housing services to use a Housing First model in our approach to chronic homelessness. 

MHA combines rental assistance that gets people housed with supportive services that keep people housed. It works: 95% of chronically homeless individuals we place remain housed after a year.


MHA’s mission, our innovations, the generosity of our donors and the incredible work of our staff are all reflected through the lives of people we care for and care about. Here are some of their stories.

Read about how MHA’s creative approach impacts people, families and communities.


This award program recognizes individual, teams or organizations that exemplify MHA’s core values of Respect, Integrity and Compassion. Submit nominations here.

You Matter. Nominate Someone.


When cognitive, physical or mental health challenges impact a life, the Resource Center offers support and guidance for life’s new way forward. 

Resource Center members set their own goals, like regaining independence or returning to work. MHA staff help them overcome barriers by using cutting-edge technologies and natural, sustainable supports. Every program and activity is member-driven, so services are relevant, preferred and goal-focused. 

Finding new ways forward changes a life. The Resource Center helps members make their change.



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Get in Touch


The Mental Health Association (MHA) is seeking quality candidates to work at our facilities. We seek individuals whose personal core values align with ours….RESPECT, INTEGRITY, COMPASSION. You will use your people skills and the knowledge you have learned in the classroom and in the workplace to help those who need it the most. Our professional staff provides our participants with the skills they need to develop, in order to live meaningful and successful lives within the community.

Our staff is given the rewarding opportunity to help people who otherwise would not receive the help they require and deserve. It is an opportunity to work with a population group that gives back as much as they receive. Our staff members comment on how much they learn and gain every day from working with our participants.

MHA is proud of the high quality work environments and competitive benefits that our employees enjoy. We look forward to discussing our positions with you further. We welcome your application today!


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